Our Raison d’ Être

Investors often fail to meet their investment goals because active managers using traditional quantitative techniques struggle to deliver promised excess returns.

We believe that investors deserve better – better performance and better alignment.

That’s why we started Rosetta Analytics–to provide investors with the returns they seek. We do this by using our own cutting-edge machine learning, the same type that continues to achieve amazing breakthroughs in medicine, autonomous driving, and robotics.

Percentage of actively managed funds underperforming their indexes over 20 years:

U.S. equity funds86%
International equity funds91%
Emerging market equity funds92%

How Are We Changing The Status Quant?

Pioneering the use of deep reinforcement learning to build investment strategies that harness the power of neural networks and adaptive portfolio construction to consistently add value

Developing scalable, distributed, autonomous computational systems that identify actionable insights in traditional and non-traditional data that are hidden from conventional investment processes

Using these insights to create scalable active investment strategies that aim to deliver the returns and diversification that investors seek

Hiring diverse, non-traditional talent and giving them the freedom and resources to develop, test, and deploy unique solutions

Building a fully functional AWS-based R&D lab that supports large-scale, parallel, compute-intensive explorations and a modular code base that enables rapid prototyping and experimentation

Employing rigorous model construction and testing procedures through our development and production processes


Our solutions are proprietary, built from the ground up specifically to apply to the financial markets.


Building powerful self-learning computational algorithms that can detect complex non-linear patterns in highly stochastic time-series data

Rigorously testing, benchmarking, and back testing our models to ensure robustness

Developing and deploying a scalable deep reinforcement learning platform that drives our flagship RL One strategy

Investigating how cutting-edge methods and ideas from universities and other verticals can improve our models


Rosetta Analytics, Inc. is an alternative asset manager that is pioneering the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to build and actively manage liquid investment strategies.

Rosetta’s deep reinforcement learning models identify relationships in data directly and make predictions independent of human intervention. Founded in 2016 by industry veterans Julia Bonafede and Angelo Calvello, Rosetta is backed and seeded by Verger Capital Management, a leading outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO).

Our leadership team has native knowledge of investing and a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of clients and partners.

“Investors shouldn’t compromise on earning consistent net-of-fee returns when actively allocating to risky assets. Traditional quantitative methods continue to produce homogeneous and suboptimal performance. Asset managers must adapt. The use of deep neural networks earn alpha the only sustainable approach. The Rosetta Analytics investment platform is vastly ahead of the majority of established asset managers.”

“We believe that with the right team, partners, and culture, deep reinforcement learning rather than data will deliver a persistent investment edge.”


This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's Managed Futures Database
This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's Managed Futures Database
This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's Managed Futures Database
This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's CTA database
This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's CTA database